“I hired Moses Kaplan to handle all my social media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, websites etc – and found him to be creative, really easy to work with, responsible, and effective. Good with both words and graphic design, he helped connect me to my readers in interesting and powerful ways.

We had a partnership, really, in which he generated meaningful content based on my input and then seamlessly published it without my having to lift a finger. I can recommend Moses without reservation.”

~ Michael Lavigne
Author of “Not Me,” “The Wanting” and (as Pepper Harding) “The Heart Of Henry Quantum”

“Moses is a delight to work with – he brings creative problem-solving, flexibility, and a can-do attitude to any project.”

~ Valerie T. McGinty
Law Office of Valerie T. McGinty

“As a nonprofit with a niche mission, it is often difficult to find creatives who take the time to fully understand our work. Moses not only took the time, but put his own passion and creativity into the establishment of our brand. He took our nebulous ideas and crafted a clear plan with a speed and reliability that blew us away.”

~ Sydney Skov
Founder & Creator at Free Body Project

“When we first met Moses we were complete novices in the Google AdWords world for nonprofits. He coached us on how to put together a landing page, and then on developing keyword search terms so we could capture more interest in our website as a result of Google searches. We are now up to more than 3,000 average monthly clicks on our website, thanks to Moses, when we started in the low 100s. When unexpected problems come up, as happens with technology, Moses is relentless about getting the information he needs to resolve the problem.”

~ Global Grandmothers
Child-focused Charitable Non-Profit

“Moses Kaplan is a stellar professional and a delight to work with. He designed my choreographic reel, and I could not be happier with the results. From the first day we began working together I recognized his sharp eye. He was finely attuned to what my work needed and he was able to design work that highlighted my strengths. His suggestions were always intelligent, subtle, and right on key. I continue to be thrilled with the results.

We have worked together on a number of projects so far. With every project I find nuances in his work that add artistic flare without taking away any of my original intent. On a day-to-basis, Moses is a pleasure to be around. His good nature and optimism makes every decision easier and every difficult moment lighter. I highly recommend Moses for your project and for your team.”

~ Marika Brussel
San Francisco based Choreographer