I grew up in Portland, OR and graduated at age 19, with a BFA in Dance from NYU’s Tisch School Of the Arts. After living and working for 7 years in Israel, I have returned to California’s Bay Area to begin the next chapter. I have a unique background comprised of multiple creative, analytic, administrative, and organizational components. I trained as a dancer in Portland, OR, and New York, NY; and danced professionally in both New York, NY and Israel, post graduation. Dance developed in me a love of the human form, movement, music, creativity, discipline, and a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the artistic creative process.

After dancing professionally for five years, I began branching out. I stepped into a new professional realm as an Administrative Assistant to a globally recognized professor of microbiology and biotechnology at Tel Aviv University. My responsibilities included monitoring, updating, cataloguing, and digitally archiving all publications (over 100). I also created a fully-functioning, multi-user archive system on Dropbox for all the researchers in the lab to store their data. The archive had multiple tiers of visibility and an administrative-privilege ranking system. In addition, I was in charge of monitoring the distribution/allocation of funds from several of the lab’s European, American, and Israeli grants (over 5 million euros).

After my time at Tel Aviv University, I had the opportunity to work at a high-tech company as the Manager of Alliances. I worked, on a daily basis, with the company’s CRM to maintain and update client information pertaining to sales opportunities, new business development opportunities, technical and support-related issues, and follow-up information. I sat in on executive management meetings and was responsible for taking notes, keeping meetings on track (according to their agendas), and making sure that relevant team members were in the loop about decisions made affecting the department. I worked daily with Google Docs/Sheets for multiple purposes (budget and pricing mockups, writing email templates, workflow structuring, client organization/internal org charts, etc.).

I have taken the tools, skills, and knowledge I have gained in my previous working experiences, in multiple industries, and roll it all together to power the work that I do today. Now, I work primarily as a freelance consultant, offering creative solutions. I understand that my background appears eclectic, but I am grateful for it. My diverse professional experience provides me with a unique perspective.

Dance gave me a deep appreciation for the artistic process, and the discipline required to complete creative projects. High-tech developed my organizational and administrative capabilities. Creative consulting taught me how to work independently, on a timeline, while multitasking and producing high-end results. I believe, living abroad significantly enhanced my perspective and added another layer to my professional approach. I have an array of skills that I bring to any table, both artistically and analytically. I am a fast learner and a hard worker. I have a lot of spunk and creative energy to offer and love to put it to good use working for things I am passionate about.